CaviWipes™ 2.0 is optimized to meet your infection prevention needs and is one of the surface disinfectants that fully qualifies for the EPA's Emerging Viral Pathogen Claim.

- 2-minute contact time for bacteria, viruses and pathogenic fungi
- Effective against 43 pathogens including SARS-CoV-2, Norovirus and Candida auris
- Qualifies for the full EPA emerging pathogens claim to meet current and future prevention needs
- Compatible with hard, non-porous surfaces
- Quick and easy to find information on efficacy, compatibility, and more 

Available in : Regular 160/tub


Due to increased carrier costs and fuel surcharges at the moment, an extra $5 will be added to the cost of shipping when purchasing gloves and sanitizing wipes. These particular items are heavy and increase the cost of shipping.  This will not be permanent. 

Disinfecting Wipes (CaviWipes)