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Welcome to the Bright Smile Consumer Store

Bright Smile uses the highest quality and concentration of teeth whitening gel allowed on the teeth whitening market. We distribute gels and supplies that are made in North America in FDA and ISO registered facilities. Our gels are FDA/CSA compliant, and follow Health Canada product guide lines . The Bright Smile gels are Dentist approved, vegan, certified Kosher, and contain essential oils. 

Here you'll find our Professional Teeth Whitening Kit options ! Choose from a 1 pen kit or a 3 pen kit. Our kits come with 2 different gel options. Choose from our Advanced Hybrid Gel, a 20% Carbamide Peroxide, 5% Hydrogen Peroxide blend. Perfect for stubborn stains, dental restorations and sensitive teeth!

Or our Botanical 100% Hydrogen Peroxide Free option. With ingredients like Baking Soda, Cranberry, Xylitol, Aloe Vera, Organic Peppermint Oil and Chamomile Flower Extract, this gel gives you a more natural approach to teeth whitening. Perfect for stubborn stains, dental restorations and sensitive teeth. 

You'll also find a few other great products like our Tanitab oral care products and our Bamboo Toothbrushes. Take a look around and be sure to reach out to us if you have any questions!

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